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Sensory Resources for Schools

Create multi-sensory areas for the classroom. See our pop-up dark dens and fill them with glow-in-the-dark floor cushions, bubble tubes and light kits and other accessories. Display on our light up tables the squidgy sparkly letters, numbers and shapes and our mini-illuminated mark-making boards. Our comprehensive package of sensory resources will have everything you need to create an inspiring sensory-led learning environment. We have products to calm and relax as well as ignite exploration and stimulation. Quality products all at competitive prices.
£2,136.00 £1,780.00
£26.39 £21.99

Sensory Spaces

A sensory space can offer children a haven throughout the busy school day. Whether it is a cosy area within the classroom or a whole sensory room, every child can benefit from the calming atmosphere a sensory space, filled with the right resources, can offer.