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Sports Hub

Our sports hub has been developed to provide you with the information you need to achieve the most from your PE and Games activities.

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PE and Sports PremiumPE and Sports Premium

How to use your PE and Sports Premium

The government guidance sets out that schools must use their PE and Sport Premium to develop or add to the PE, physical activity and sports activities already provided by the school. There are five key indicators for schools to consider when planning how to use their funding.

Active Lunchtimes

Break time and lunchtime provide the perfect opportunity to engage children in fun, physical activities that contribute towards their recommended 60 minutes of physical activity each day. Here are some ideas for ways to encourage children to be more active during their break and lunchtimes.

Active LunchtimesActive Lunchtimes
School Sports PremiumSchool Sports Premium

School Sports Premium

The Primary PE and Sport Premium was first introduced in March 2013 and has continued to be allocated to help improve the provision of PE in primary schools across England.

Get Girls Active

Working in schools we get to see all sorts of children – those that are engaged, as well as those that are not and of course those that shine and excel amongst their peers. This is true of all subjects, but PE is an area that can represent this most sharply. Sadly, it is also the subject that can see the most deterioration in the love of the subject.

Get Girls ActiveGet Girls Active

Who knew there were so many variations in everything?

Footballs are a good example of this. They come in so many different sizes, materials and construction so it can be quite overwhelming when picking the right one. After all, a ball is not just a ball.

This article will simplify the process and help you find the right footballs for you and your children.

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Key stages 3 and 4 national curriculum in England

Information & advice on sport premium funding schools receive.

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How to provide pupils with opportunities to access physical activity every day.

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Designed to provide young people opportunities.

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