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We have a duty to reduce the impacts and risks our activities can or do have on the environment, delivering positive outcomes aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Environmental Responsibility

We have a responsibility to ensure that both internally and externally we are environmentally aware, collectively as individuals and as a company.

We continually improve our business activities so they are less damaging to the environment by regularly monitoring, assessing and reviewing our working practices. We use suppliers who conform and maintain environmental, quality and health and safety accreditations for their industry. And where possible, we provide our customers with a choice of recycled, fair trade and eco-conscious products.

See our Enviromental Policy Statement here.
See our Carbon Reduction Plan here.

How can I recycle my used batteries?

Portable batteries, that’s everything from AAA batteries to button cells used in our products can be returned for recycling at to our office. You don't have to purchase new batteries or battery-containing products to be able to return your old ones.

Other batteries, including automotive and industrial batteries or if you’re unable drop off your portable batteries at our office can be recycled at local household waste centres across the UK.

If you are a householder and are buying a replacement piece of electronic or electrical equipment, like a calculator or robot, you can return the old one back to us at our office and we will recycle it for you. Alternatively, you can recycle it at your local household waste centre.

Visit Recycle More or contact your local authority for more information.

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For over 50 years we've been supporting schools and nurseries. From classroom essentials to sports equipment and musical instruments, we can provide everything you need to deliver excellence.

Without the hard work and dedication of our staff, we wouldn’t be able to deliver such a first-class service. We encourage personal development, foster an open, honest and inclusive culture, and do everything we can to make Consortium a fun and rewarding place to work.

We are committed to investing in ongoing initiatives to help ensure a balanced participation in the workforce. For more information on how we are doing read our latest annual gender pay report.